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Welcome to Caudill "Cousins" Exchange, a website devoted to the genealogical research of the Caudill family and all of the derivations, such as Cordill, Coddle, Cottle, Caudle, Cordial, etc.

It is my hope that this site can become a clearinghouse for all Caudill related material, websites, Reunion information, family trees, "stories" and "tales".

Stephen Caudill (Cordill) is generally acknowledged to be the progenitor of the Caudill family. He is thought to have emigrated from Scotland, but there is more than one theory, to Lunenburg Co VA. From there he moved to Wilkes Co., NC. His sons immigrated to Eastern Ky where they are ancestors to a large family that has spread throughout the US. Within this family is a rich history of a hardy pioneer family that mirrors the development of the US frontier. They moved to the western frontier (at that time KY) fought Indians and helped to settle the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The family has frontiersmen, soldiers (Revolutionary War, both sides of the Civil War) Loggers, Coal Miners, Farmers, Merchants, many Baptist Preachers and even Moonshiners!

Come in to the Caudill Cousins Website and join in the search. Take some time to look around then help us make this site interactive by contributing a small piece of the puzzle that you may know.

ATTENTION: Sorry about the Message Board. Spammers have begun to post automatic messages and I do not have a way to stop it. The only way would be to add a password but that would defeat the purpose. I am trying to keep up with removing the messages but it has been difficult. Thank you for your patience.

ATTENTION (9/26/04):

The Knott County Gingerbread Festival Committee has chosen to honor the Caudill Families during the 2005 Gingerbread Festival.  If you would like to research your Caudill genealogy, find out if you are in the Caudill Family, volunteer to help or have any questions, please call Mr. William Slade Cook with the Knott County Gingerbread Committee at:
Phone # 606-642-4366


Or write to Slade at:
PO Box 2189
Hazard, Ky  41702

WO2 Joseph Parsons (son of Iva Ann Caudill Parsons, my sister) bravely serving in Iraq

We are proud of him!!!



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Click the above image to see the Caudill Coat of Arms (from old Caudill Newsletter)

This site is dedicated to Clayton Cox who is generally acknowledged to be the preeminent Caudill researcher and is the author of the 3 volume history of the Caudill’s – "Appalachian Crossroads – The Caudill Family".

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